Mom and Dad’s fall trip 2018 travel blog

Steam engine that brought the mail to St Joseph

Dad at the soda fountain

Hair cut time

Pony express headquarters

Jesse James house

* We stayed two nights in st Joseph, Missouri.

* Both days rainy.

*We went to the house Jesse James lived for 100 days with his wife and two children. One of his gang members killed him for $10,000, which he never got.

*Then we went to the Patee Museum. Was once the biggest most modern hotel in the world. The headquarters of the pony express was in the hotel. The pony express started in St Joseph they rode 1800 miles to Sacramento in 10 days. Pony Express last only 1.5 years due to railroad.

*Fun day exploring and learning!

*We had burritos for dinner.

We are a day into St Joseph Missouri. I fixed the hot water heater (did then because of the rain). It is pretty chilly. Our plan was to go watch the lighting of the pumpkin mound, but we went to a couple of museums and we were done.

The first museum was Jesse James’ house where he was shot. Lot of good and interesting information, we found out 2 Bigelow’s were shoot by Jesse (I believe they are relatives, but I need to do some research). Lot of cool artifacts also.

The second museum as the Patee Museum. More for the pony express but it has a lot of other history too. Like civil war headquarters, Biggest Hotel I west of the Mississippi. And a shirt and coverall factory. Lots of good pictures.

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