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morning discovery at Aix-en-Provence cathedral

Arrived in Marseilles via train to a terrific airbnb with our delightful host Gérard apologising for his lack of English and doing an excellent meet and greet. Only one flight of stairs, plenty of space, no plumbing problems and a large room all to myself! One important skill I have adopted, necessary for getting a good night's sleep in Europe is wearing an eye mask - you know, one of those ones they give you for overnight flights. I now have two as Emirates gave out a colourful orange kit from our recent flight. Many of the European rooms I have stayed in have not had block our curtains or blinds, and it gets light really early - before 5am!! So the mask is essential. But apart from the light room, the accommodation was fantastic - and so was Marseilles.

Aix-en-Provence to Marseilles is a quick trip so we could hit the ground running rather than wasting a day in travel. There was time to even take in a Museum and we chose the Cantini, walking distance from our airbnb. A bonus for Carol and Annie, because of a strike some rooms were closed, so entry was free. I never got to return to those other rooms but it mattered not as the exhibition we saw, Courbet, Degas, Cézanne ... Realist and Impressionist Masterpieces from the Burrell Collection was a standout, really delightfully presented without excessive amounts of exhibition design. Annie and Carol had a rest whist I sought other museums, but not successfully as many were closed. Tomorrow beckoned.

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