2018 Ecuador travel blog

El Salado on Rio Verde

Richaard and Regina

Palm Sunday Procession

Gina and Willy Finke of Dusseldorf Hotel

Honey Coffee Shop

Sugar Cane Stands

Phony Pony


Carnival Ride

Today is Palm Sunday in Banos. Arrangements of palm fronds are sold after mass and there was a solemn procession at noon. Banos is usually busy on weekends but it is especially festive today.

Jerry went to the baths at 5 AM and returned to La Chimenea in time for breakfast. Actually we ate 3 breakfasts because on this travel day I knew there wouldn't be much else to eat the rest of the day. . First we had the Volcano Pancakes on the roof of the Chimenea. Then we joined the Sunday gringo crowd that meets at Hotel Dusseldorf. Some call them the ROMEOS, retired old men eating out. Finally we met Jerry's hiking group at Honey Cafe where I had a huge chocolate muffin and chai tea. This afternoon we'll head back to my house in Cuenca. We took the 4 PM bus and arrived at midnight.

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