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Williams, AZ - Canyon Motel and RV Park - site 44

Williams, AZ - Canyon Motel and RV Park - site 44, another...

Williams, AZ - Canyon Motel and RV Park - site 44, and...

Holbrook to Williams, AZ - our route - 123 miles

Holbrook to Williams, AZ 1 - passed through lots of desert today

Holbrook to Williams, AZ 2 - and of course the usual construction

Holbrook to Williams, AZ 3 - my photographer got so bored she...

Holbrook to Williams, AZ 4 -- Humphrey's Peak in the distance

Holbrook to Williams, AZ 5 - a small fire in the median

Holbrook to Williams, AZ 6 - but pretty well out

Holbrook to Williams, AZ 7 - you can see a little snow...

Holbrook to Williams, AZ 8 - Twin Feathers Casino with its own...

Holbrook to Williams, AZ 9 - lots of traffic as we get...

Holbrook to Williams, AZ 10 - Doris was looking hard for elk...

Holbrook to Williams, AZ 11- at the entrance to the RV Park

Holbrook to Williams, AZ 12 - they have two of these cabooses...

Old Route 66 in Williams, AZ 1

Old Route 66 in Williams, AZ 2 - how's that for an...

Old Route 66 in Williams, AZ 3

Old Route 66 in Williams, AZ 4

Old Route 66 in Williams, AZ 5

Old Route 66 in Williams, AZ 6 - fuel ain't cheap here!

Old Route 66 in Williams, AZ 7

Our trip from Holbrook to Williams, AZ was 123 miles of I-40 with white knuckle driving almost the whole distance. We had a 20-30 MPH SW wind with 50 MPH gusts that really made it interesting with all of the trucks on the road. Our steering wheel stayed cocked about 30° with an occasional shift to 45-60° just to try and stay in our lane.

We are staying at the Canyon Motel & RV Park just as you come into William, AZ. We have a 50 amp full hookup pull-through that leaves a lot to be desired, level wise. The first site was so unlevel we couldn't get level so they put us in another site which was also unlevel but not so bad we couldn't get it livable. We have great Verizon and no trees to get in the way of the satellites so we're good!

Once we got set up, we wandered into town. It is still situated on the old route 66 and since it is the base camp for many visitors going to the Grand Canyon, it retains a lot of the nostalgia of the old highway with many stores and eateries capitalizing on that theme. We just cruised up and down the streets to see it and take a few pictures. As you can see by the gas prices, everything is a tad more expensive here - good thing we don't need to buy gas or food while here - the RV park was bad enough!

When we called the park in Chino Valley yesterday, we found out they were not quite ready for us so we had to delay our arrival by a day and wound up staying here an extra night. They again called us today and said they couldn't accept us until they had received the proper permits! So we spent the day making alternate plans and will be staying at the park in Prescott we had originally desired for the summer but they didn't have any monthly sites open. Right now we are reserved to stay there until Friday, the 18th. Hopefully Chino Valley will have their act together by then. Anyhow, tomorrow we head for our temporary home in Prescott, about 80 miles away.

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