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We hope and pray that all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Ours was very warm. Yes it truly was 90 degrees down here, And yes it was unusually hot for this time of year. Since it was so hot we ate inside the newly air conditioned Casita, in cool comfort. We cooked our 12 pound turkey on the Traeger ouside.

Spike is done with the major painting inside the casita, except for the woodwork. He has moved on to planting his garden, and repairing the drip watering system. Butch has been helping us prune the two fruit trees, which probably have never ever been pruned. There was dead wood galore on the inside of the trees. No wonder the birds love those trees, as there were lots of opportunities to build a nest inside! Spike and Butch dug out the stumps of fruit trees past, which were over by the gates. We bought a dwarf thorn less Mexican lime tree and the guys planted it the other day. We are hoping to plant a dwarf lemon tree on the other side.

Julie and I have been checking out the church bazars, and the farmers markets for Christmas treasures and fresh produce. Produce is very plentiful here as this is a farming community. You can get a huge head of cauliflower (double the size at home) or broccoli for a dollar. Fresh beets, lettuce, citrus, zucchini, are all at great prices. Honey crisp apples are cheaper down here than at home.

Our two metal access gates were looking kind of sad and in need of a paint job, and just when we were wondering how to paint them, a lady came door to door to offer an early season paint special. Spike checked them out on the Foothills Neighborhood blog, to assure that they were legit. They have been around for about 10 years and everyone said they did a good job. Their company is called "Gatekeepers" and now our gates are bright and shiny. They look so much better that 2 of our neighbors signed up to get their gates done too.

It has finally cooled down here. It went down to 65 degrees and I had to get out a sweater. I guess my Northwest blood has officially thinned out! And we have been getting some wind from California these past few days. Tuesday we went to El Centro, California to make a Costco run. (There is no Costco in Yuma, but El Centro is only an hour away). Anyway, it was pretty windy that day and You could really see the dust blowing. We noticed that the rest areas, and the on and off ramps, were full of truckers and RV,s taking a break from driving in the wind. The Costco was nice, but I think we were the only gringos in the whole place. Lets just say that there was not very much English being spoken in the store. And the cars in the parking lot had lots of strange looking license plates, then we realized they were from Mexico. Duh! I keep forgetting how close we are to the border.

There is lots of outside Christmas decorating here, as you don't have to fight the weather to string up your lights. Lots of Christmas spirit on every block here in the Foothills. And lots of Nativity scenes, which I love to see! There is a Christmas parade of lights on the 15th that will pass by within a 1/2 a block of our house. I'll see if I can get some photos so you can enjoy it too.

That's about all that's new down here. Just wrapping presents, packing boxes, writing Christmas cards, and baking cookies. Spike and Miss Zoey are both fine too.

Lots of love, hugs, and all of Gods blessings to all of you.

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