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Lazy, lazy day, until it was time to meet up with Winnie at the back gate of the college. She got held up a little and we met at 4.15. She was on her electric bicycle, so she parked it up, and we walked along to the Police Station.

I know that nothing is supposed to be easy in China, in dealing with government departments, but hey, this was supposed to be a simple task.

Meanwhile two phone calls to Nicole, and much discussion on Winnie’s part, and we ended up with nothing resolved. I must go back next week, with two passport photos and copies of the front and visa pages of my passport!!

We walked back to near the college so Winnie could collect her bike, to get back and ready for her evening class with kids in her little training centre.

On the way, I plucked up the courage to ask about the price of their house. She was more than happy to tell me. They paid 1.1 million RMB for the house, which here is a bare, empty shell. Then they have spent around 900,000 on decorating so far. But, since they bought the house, it is now worth 2 million, without taking into account the decorating, so a really nice little money maker for them. Although Winnie often checks house prices, Liao is insisting that this is their forever home, and the sale value is of no concern to him!

After she headed off, I messaged Greg, to see where he was, and got a bus into the city. He was having a quick dinner at a little local style restaurant in Tianning Nanlu. I managed to find it easily, and was amazed to see he was eating a soup, with green vegetables floating in it, and lo and behold, wanton noodles as well. So I ordered the same. It cost the grand sum of 7RMB, and it was delicious! Around $1.50!

While I was eating I had a message from John, wanting to catch up. So we arranged to meet up at the KFC in International Square shopping centre in Kangle Beilu. Greg and I thought and thought about how to best get there. I ended up on a #15 bus, which didn’t mean too far of a walk, so another small success story!

I walked down the street to the shopping centre, and found John upstairs in KFC. We had food, and lots of chat, until he had to head home. It was good to make that connection again.

After he left, I went into Walmart, and had a really good wander around, to see what I could find. Well, Dove white chocolate always hits the spot, so that was needed! And I got a floor mat for beside my bed. And the bananas looked lovely so I got a small bunch for myself.

Then I had to walk back to get a bus the rest of the way to the college!

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