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Unless the wind is blowing, I don't get many raindrops on my...

Yeah, right.

Altoona is just six miles east of Des Moines. It was pretty...

The park was nearly empty both Saturday and Sunday which made for...

The engineer usually beeped and waved. The little train kept going even...

A pretty deserted park

Hey kids! This doggie is a Service Dog (watches her owner's blood...

Hi folks. Still here. Still kicking.

I won't be posting often and don't expect many - or perhaps any - day trips until September when the park is back to being open weekends-only again. I'm sure there will be occurrences that I'll want to share but until then, here's my update, which really isn't much of one.

My scare last Wednesday, however, was sufficient to quickly email the kids with a (just in case)quickie I-love-you. I turned my computer off right away so it wouldn't get zapped, but kept the TV on so I could see the progression of the tornadoes and 70 mph winds that set our little town's (Altoona) siren blaring and pounding and truly getting the adrenalin pumping. The storm passed relatively quickly, gave us some good winds and pounding rain, but basically the real bad stuff literally passed on either side of us. Still, the alerts on TV and the sirens were enough to keep one's attention.

I worked Saturday and Sunday last weekend. Saturday hit the mid 60's and had rain much of the day. Sunday we had no rain, but it only hit 57 degrees. We were pretty miserable on Saturday and I was frozen on Sunday. I kept telling myself to remember how bad it was when we're 90 degrees here and 80% humidity! It's an experience, for sure. There was a lady on the ride who only had a t-shirt on. I asked her how she could possibly not be freezing...she said she was from Canada. Must've felt like early summer to her! Canadians are tough.

Tomorrow we will have a gathering of all the workampers in their big reception room and will enjoy what they call the best fried chicken dinner we'll ever have. And as I recall from 2013, I think they are right. I plan to arrive hungry.

P.S. My first tornado warning was back in 2013. I had forgotten how scary it was!

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