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Carpe Diem at Abiquiu Lake USACoE campground

I 25 / I 40 interchange in Albuquerque

On today's drive Carpe Diem turned 90k miles

US 85 south of Abiquiu Lake

Abiquiu Lake

Our site offers gorgeous view of Abiquiu Lake

Main street El Rito NM

El Rito General Store

El Farolita Restaurant

We dined at El Rito's El Farolito Restaurant
Proof that good things come...

"To Die For" sopapillas

Sunset at Abiquiu Lake

Abiquiu Lake campground
Carpe Diem is in the center facing the lake

Bob and Carpe Diem
Sandi hiked up the road for this bird's eye...

Sunset treat our last nite at Abiquiu Lake

Thu, 11 May: A nice driving day to a special destination...

Before we embark on the next destination we'd like to take a moment to remember a very special lady. We learned that long time RoVer's Roost leaseholder Mary Stewart passed away this past Monday. We will very much miss Mary as she was always very friendly and helpful. As chair of the Leaseholder Waiting List she was always ready to answer any questions we had before, during, and after we became leasholders. Our condolences to husband Ed and family.

Today we drove 122 miles from the Albquerque Elks Lodge to the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACoE) campground at Abiquiu Lake. We've stayed at Abiquiu Lake before (Sep 2015) and recall it very positively. Our memories serve us well.

We departed the Elks Lodge a few minutes before nine and forty minutes later pulled into the San Felipe Truck Center at Santa Ana Pueblo. The 31 mile drive took us thru Albuquerque on I 25 north just as rush hour was waning. Once nestled next to the diesel pump Carpe Diem took 62 gallons of "go-juice", her first fill since Tucson.

The pit stop was a brief one, just 15 minutes. Back on I 25 north toward Santa Fe where we took the NM 599 bypass missing Santa Fe entirely. This is a good thing.

North of Santa Fe we connected with US 85, which we took north thru Espanola, a small-ish town we dislike due to the very, very short amber before its many red lites turn red. We've had to stop briskly more than once in this berg. Bob drove below the speed limit this time and had no problems...

It was clear driving on a very nice two-lane US 85 to the town of Abiquiu and another half dozen miles on US 85 and NM 96 to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers campground at Abiquiu Lake. Today's drive was a total of 122 miles with a mountain climbing fuel economy of just over seven mpg. During today's drive we climbed to more than 7,000' elevation and back down more than once. Abiquiu Lake sits at 6,350' elevation.

We'll park here and enjoy the high altitude weather (daytime hi's in the sixties and lows in the forties). We have mail heading to the Abiquiu Post Office so we'll definitely have something to keep us occupied.

Sat, 13 May: Really enjoying Abiquiu Lake...

This is really a very special place. We've enjoyed our visit to this lovely setting and have been rewarded with really nice weather, spectacular scenery, and (yes!) meeting "old" friends.

Anyway, first things first. Shortly after breakfast yesterday (Fri) morning we checked the tracking on our mailing and learned that it had arrived at the Abiquiu Post Office and was available for pickup. Bob took the car and retrieved our medium flat rate package that contained all sorts of "goodies". Sandi got some new sunglasses and we started getting bills and Medicare reports resulting from all our Medico visits in March & April. No good deed goes unpunished.

Now, what about these "old" friends? Now please understand that when we say "old", we're referring to folks we've known a while, not necessarily their ages. In this case, we met up with Bill & Pam Johnson. We first met Bill & Pam when they were parked next to us at the Escapees Rally this past March in Tucson. We hit it off as Pam is a computer type (she has written and markets the RV Notepad software) and just recently earned her HAM radio license. We hit it off in Tucson and they're just a few sites from us here at the campground.

After a nice visit in their RV they suggested dinner. Since they know this area far better than we they suggested a Mexican Restaurant in a small town southeast of here. They claimed that the sopapillas are "to die for", which was all the incentive we needed. Thus, we hopped in their Jeep and drove a half hour to the town of El Rito NM, pop. 808.

The main street was a page out of any ghost town you've ever imagined. The largest structure was the general store, and across the street in a ramshackled building was El Farolito Restaurant. We were the first customers and were warmly welcomed. The menu included many of our favorites, so we ordered.

The service was friendly, the food delicious, hot, and we scarfed down every bite. We each had two sopapillas, and they were as described. Short story, we left empty plates and departed with full tummys and broad grins on our faces. Wotta find!

Which brings us to today. We haven't left the campgrounds. Sandi hiked up the hill with her camera and got some "bird's eye" views of the campground and Carpes with the lake as a backdrop.

We'll be here thru Monday so expect some more R&R...

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