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Our transportation to the port. A four hour drive.

On the Pan American Highway

A stop for a break along the Pan American Highway. We made...

Our ship - The Azamara Quest

We drove through a commercial shipyard




A welcome lunch with a special cake.

Our stateroom.


The next day

A fine beach right next to our dock.

An outdoor market

Interesting architecture.

We searched for a museum, but it was closed. This church was...


Guarding the museum!?

A local restaurant.

Through the market

The Quest at the dock

A dance group sends us off


Presenting the officers of the ship.

0201 Caldera, Costa Rica (Port and small town)

We rose early and after breakfast said farewell to the El Mangroove Resort. Our driver, Rafael, loaded the luggage into the Toyota SUV and we began the 4 hour drive to the port of Caldera. We rode along the Pan American Highway which was much like an expressway for some of the trip, but then turned into a two lane twisty road. The trip was more like a bit over three hours and we arrived early to the pier where a lot of commercial shipping was in evidence. Azamara had opened already and we did not have to wait in the blazing sun. Instead of checking in at a port office (which there seemed to be none), we headed right up the gang plank and registered right onboard. This went smoothly and quickly.

We had a spritzer at the Sunset Bar. A fantastic sunset lighted our drinks . Dinner was in Discoveries Restaurant. Another long sleep due to the long day was welcomed, although our air conditioner was uncalibrated.

In the morning an HVAC person got that fixed (for the time being). We went off to the little town of Puntarenas to explore, hoping to visit the town historical museum but it was closed. We were all required to personally appear at immigration before leaving this port and Costa Rica. Heading back to the ship after that, we cooled off from the 90 degree heat in town, and got the AC guy to come back and fix the next problem in our unit - I hope it’s done now! Another fabulous sunset again, another fabulous dinner, and an introduction to the officers of the ship finished off the evening.

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