Portugal, Sapin, Morocco 2017 travel blog

Spectacular scenery on the way

Driving into our car lift

Left over Roman wall in the middle of the city, also parts...

Facade of opulence in Hotel Paris Zaragoza

Tourist, gotta love them

It is not often that I make a mistake - well in my eyes at least. I said to Chris happy Mother's Day and Happy 40th Wedding Anniversay, all on the right date. ok so far. THEN I said lets go to Huesca on the way to Zaragoza, it's only a couple of centimeters out of the way on the map. So off we go. Oops. Why is the hotel proprietor scrunching her fingers at us as we leave the car park? Yes you guessed it we didn't pay. Try explaining that you meant to pay but you forgot when Basque is not your second language. We paid and left friends - I think. Let me say Huesca was a mistake. Bad roads and too much time. But the scenery did not let us down. Stunning. I thought I had read there was something wonderful in the way of a UNSECO site at Huesco but not so. On we went and arrived at amazing Zaragoza. The gps is also amazing. Got us to the door of the hotel lift, that is CAR lift that took us 2 floors down to park the car. Yes the police were fine with me parked on the footpath blocking the way while Chris found the reception and asked what the dickens we do. More English here (even Australian as she asked a couple of lads where to go) and we got the car lift key. And yes the doors closed before I got the car in, I was a little gob smacked. You can imagine what Chris was saying. Parked the car and in the people lift we went to the 4th floor. It only went that far. Our room is on the sixth so we thought we had 2 floors to walk. Not so. We were in the WRONG building and did not even have a room key - it was the car lift key only. Doh. All sorted a little later. Phew. Then a wander around Zaragoza, find the tourist office (open until 8pm) and eat. Made a little mistake having chocolate and some donut type of thing. SO rich. So we walked to our room rather than catch the lift.

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