Our Adventure in Spain and Portugal 2015 travel blog

Waiting for the tour to pick us up

Gustavo, our guide


Ornate sidewalks

A quiet Moorish fountain

A noisy Christian fountain

The gardens were wonderful


Typical arches



A misty walk






A church

Inside the church




Our guide

A tower

View of Granada

The bell tower

From the bell tower

Foundations from the bell tower


Stucco abounds in the decorations



School children on a history assignment

The quintessential Alhambra image

Inside the palace



The stained glass windows were all destroyed by a gunpowder factory explosion....

On our way out




There was a drenching downpour during the night, but the morning broke to blue skies and sunshine for our tour of the Alhambra which is THE attraction in Granada. Our tour was booked (you must do so or get tickets in advance) for 10:30 and our tour company was scheduled to pick us up an hour earlier at a big hotel just a few minutes walk from our boutique hotel. There was no sign of them and at 9:45, Anne called the tour office and was told they were on their way and delayed because of the traffic and the rain from last night. Another traveler, Natalie from Belgium was waiting and we passed the time talking of our travels and how Anne made Bruge Lace which astounded this native resident of that particular city.

The bus arrived at last and took us through the streets of Granada, up to the Alhambra and the tour office where we picked up radio receivers with earphones. This allowed us to hear (despite the crowds) our personal guide, Gustavo, as he spoke in excellent English. He described the myriad parts of this city within a city which was built by various monarchies beginning with the Moors and added to by Christians, but partially destroyed by Napoleon and others.

We walked through sculptured gardens and learned the difference between Moorish fountains (quiet) and the more splashy Christian water displays. There was definite evidence of the original architecture and the incorporation of flowing water that is all by gravity feed from the mountains without a single pump. It is almost impossible to describe in words the various structures and who were responsible for the buildings, and the pictures can only do partial justice to lavish walls, arches, and especially ceilings. After over 3 hours of walking (3+ miles) we were exhausted as we ventured down the hill from the Alhambra and walked back to our hotel where we collapsed and rested before heading out for Tapas at 8 that night. We completed our day with a gelato in a square where a fountain was making the Christian sound of flowing water.

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