Tom & Roberta take on Spain and Portugal 2015 travel blog

Right before we left Tom reached out to Bill Latch an old high school acquaintance that lives close to Madrid and let him know we were coming to Spain. Bill was very happy to know this and said we should try to connect. As we got closer to visiting Madrid Bill made reservations at a restaurant locals love.

Side note: We had the address of the restaurant (less than a mile and a half from out Hotel) when we got in the cab and gave the address AND the name of the Restaurant "Pimento Verde" the drive pulls the another address for the same restaurant. He then told us he would take us to the other one and if it wasn't correct he would go to the address we provided. hmmmmm I said to take us to the address we provided first and that possibly there were more than one "Pimento Verde". He just shrugged his shoulders and took us there. It was the correct address and I'm still wondering if he was just trying to get extra cab fare. Oh well we'll never know.

The restaurant was small and quaint and the wait staff REALLY friendly. Tom and Bill quickly fell into conversation about San Carlos high school and other friends. Bill was with Mercedes his significant other for years who did not speak one word of English. What I really liked about this evening was the way Mercedes and I connected. I speak very little Spanish and every time I was stuck trying to get a point across Mercedes would elbow Bill and he would pick up the slack for a bit. Then he and Tom would fall back into deep conversation. Mercedes is a computer/I phone wiz and she was telling me about an application called "what's up". It allow for instant international calls, texts or what ever. She put the app on Tom's phone. The we moved onto the bigger connection between us, children and grand children. We showed pictures and gesticulated about how cool it was to be grandparents. Time flew by so quickly. It was just a wonderful feeling to connect this way with someone I'd never met and how cool was it that Tom and I had an actual "social engagement" while in Madrid.

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