Winter Escape / Feb & Mar 2015 travel blog

On the road for the last day

Morning sun


Still in the open countryside

Garden of the Gods?

Are we there yet?

When are we going to get there?

We have finally arrived. We are looking forward to being in one place for a while. Since we left a few days early to avoid a storm, we have minimal groceries with us and we even have lists of things we need and things to do on the camper. It will take us a few days to catch up on all of it. But at least we don't have 6 hours of driving to do!

We finally got off I-10. I think we did over 1,300 miles on this one route alone over the past 4 days.

While we are here we will take day trips around Arizona, take advantage of the good weather, and when baseball starts we will be volunteering. Janet will be joining the quilting club here at the RV park. I am going to spend some extra days at the ballpark, probably 3-4 times per week and Janet will do about twice a week. And we want to do some hiking.

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