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Carpe at Ken's Lake

Twin rock formation along US 191

Bluffs near the town of Bluff

US 191 climbs to more than 7,000'

US 191 descends into Lisbon Valley

Church Rock along US 191
More than 200' high, it dominates the landscape

Closer view of Church Rock

A bluff showing signs of forming an arch
We don't think we'll be...

We stopped at Wilson Arch for a "photo op"

Carpe at Ken's Lake with lake in background

A thunderstorm approaches Ken's Lake

We got some small hail

Drone's Eye view of Carpe Diem and south mountains

Ken's Lake as seen from Drone

Carpe Diem with Ken's Lake in background
Moab and Arches NP are beyond...

Carpe Diem and mountains to the northeast

Arches National Park: Park Avenue

Arches NP: Arch with "skylight"

Arches NP: North Window Arch

Arches NP: South Window Arch
North Window Arch is seen edge-on to the...

Arches NP: Garden of Eden

Arches NP: Balanced Rock

Sunset on bluffs NE of Ken's Lake

Carpe Diem with the La Sal Mountains

Canyonland National Park Needles Overlook Vista

Canyonland National Park Needles Overlook Vista

Wilson Arch with afternoon sun

Arches National Park: The Three Gossips

Arches NP: Balanced Rock

Arches NP: Balanced Rock nest

Arches NP: Bobbie Powell enjoys wild rose aroma

Arches NP: Bobbie & Lee Powell at Park Avenue

Arches NP: Spires, columns, and bluffs are everywhere

Arches NP: Delicate Arch
Perhaps the most iconic arch of all

Arches NP: Double Arch

Arches NP: La Sal Mountains

Sat, 25 Apr: Another road day...

Before starting today's post we would like to thank Nick Russell, editor of The Gypsy Journal and a daily blog. On Friday he posted a writeup about us that was very kind and well received. To view that post Click Here. Thanks Nick...

After a windy nite at Gooseneck State Park the day dawned cloudy with gentle winds. Sandi was elated as she wanted to get the drone in the air to take some pix of Carpe perched along the edge of the San Juan River gorge. The drone gods smiled and she got one decent pix, which we posted on the previous (Gooseneck) entry.

Today's run was a short one, so we really took it easy getting ready for the road. Once we took enough pix and went thru our checklists it was 0920 before we rolled our wheels. We retraced our route from Gooseneck (UT 316 to UT 261) to US 163, and continued north. The road picks up and becomes US 191 all the way north to Moab.

As was yesterday's drive, the scenery along US 191 is amazing. The red rock formations are mind boggling. The highway climbs to more than 7,200' elevation and then descends to a broad mesa. Despite the low clouds we thoroughly enjoyed every mile of the drive and the sound of the camera's shutter filled the coach.

We arrived at our destination, Ken's Lake, a few minutes before noon. Ken's Lake is a Corps of Army Engineers campground about ten miles south of Moab. We've stayed here before, and it is one of our favorite places. The lake is surrounded by high red cliffs and to the east are the La Sal Mountains, still snow topped.

Today's run was 120 miles with 7½ miles per gallon. We'll accept that with a smile given the mountains we climbed.

Mon, 27 Apr: Veggin out in SE Utah...

As predicted, the weather here in Moab has been anything but picture-postcard perfect. A major front swept thru the southwest during the weekend bringing rain, wind, and cold with it. We experienced considerable wind and rain squalls throughout the weekend, but we managed to stay warm, dry, and snug in our home on wheels.

Yesterday, Sunday, Ken's Lake evacuated. Just about every RV and tent camper left due to both the weather and the end of the weekend. For those folks who are still employed Sunday's mark the end of the weekend and get ready for the work week. Bad for them but good for us ole' retired folk.

Despite the mostly cloudy day our solar system managed to fully charge our house battery bank. This was despite our use of the inverter to power computer, phone, toothbrush chargers and other incidental 120v AC use. We even watched a few episodes of The Big Bang Theory on satellite.

Today dawned sunny and the forecast is for a mostly sunny, windy, and cooler day. As this is being written it is a few minutes before eleven and the outside temperature is still in the fifties. It dropped to the forties overnite so we broke out the extra blanket for the nite. We didn't turn on our gas furnaces until we decided to get out of bed.

Earlier this morning we were able to seize on a brief calm to get our drone in the air. We got a few good pix of Ken's Lake and Carpe Diem. They're posted on the pix section of this post.

Late in the morning we headed into town to try out the Moab Diner. The food was very good—they claim to have the best green chili in the state. Sandi had the green chili burger while Bob scarfed down the green chili roast beef open face sandwich. On top of good food, the service was exceptional. We'll give it a ★★★★½.

Following lunch we drove to Arches National Park and spent the rest of the afternoon exploring some of our favorite parts of the park. Following the weekend's rain the sky was deep blue and the rocks a vibrant red/orange. We shot many pix, the choice of which are posted in the photo section of this post.

Wed, 29 Apr: Gorgeous weather, spectacular scenery, and fantastic friends... What more can we ask?

We've had a busy few days. The storm front is long gone and the weather is returning to spring normal, warm sunny days, cool nites, and wind. Thankfully the wind is not too bad so we have been enjoying ourselves.

Yesterday, Tuesday, we drove south to Canyonlands National Park Needles Overlook. It is about 17 miles south of Ken's Lake, and then another 22 miles to the end of the road. As with all of the Canyonland vistas we've seen, they are magnificent in their vastness, but lack well defined characteristics. It is beautiful to behold and photograph, but we doubt that we'll hang any of the images on the wall.

On the way back we again stopped at Wilson Arch along US 191. We stopped there when we drove up from Gooseneck on Saturday, but the lite was not in our favor. This time the afternoon sun lit the arch to our liking so we grabbed a few shots.

Today we headed back to Arches. We wanted to see some of the scenery with morning lite, but more important we met up with Bobbie and Lee Powell, dear friends since our world cruise in 2009. The Powells live south of Tucson and are on a coach tour of Utah's National Park. They have a grueling schedule, but will spend two nites in Moab.

We met up with their bus and visited while enjoying Park Avenue and then Balance Rock. We then "lost" them as the guide told us they were going one place but went to another. No worries, we'll be meeting them for dinner so we'll have some "quality time" to visit.

Our plans are a bit firmer now. We're planning to leave Ken's Lake tomorrow (Thursday) morning and drive about 140 miles to Price, UT. Price is along US 6 and is roughly half way between Moab and Ogden. We hope to stay at the local Wal*Mart or, should that not work out, the Price Elks Lodge. Then on to Ogden Friday to spend the weekend.

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