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The Duomo & The Tower

The Baptistry

Magnificent Pulpit

We had a real Italian meal last night, spaghetti on toast. Unfortunately it came out of a tin so not really very Italian but quick & easy after a long day. Realised I slipped up by not filling up with diesel before we left France. I had to pay €1.44/ltr today as against about €1.12/ltr in France, ouch!

I did an interesting comparison on Ethel, our SatNav, of the different ways to get to Pisa, our next destination. If we took the motorway, a toll road, we could get there in 2hrs & 15 mins & the mileage was about 100. Alternatively if we avoided the motorway & went via the mountain roads it would take around 5 hrs & the mileage would be around 120. As we weren't in a hurry I opted for the longer & hopefully more scenic & interesting route.

It was certainly scenic as we went up into the mountains except when we were right up in the clouds themselves & it was like driving in thick fog. Also we got our first real rain on the trip as we left the sunshine behind.

We had fun in Pisa itself trying to locate our Sosta for the night. There are not many proper camp sites open at this time of the year & none listed for Pisa so we are reliant on Sostas at the moment. There are supposed to be two in Pisa but we found one was closed after eventually located it. We did manage to navigate the complicated streets to get to the second one which was an area set apart on a large car park in the centre of the city.

Pisa is a large city but our Sosta was only a 20 minute walk to the old walled town where the famous leaning tower is located so after lunch at the site we made our way into the old town. The tower did not disappoint except they wanted €18 to climb all the way to the top. We declined the offer & opted instead for a free ticket to go inside the adjacent cathedral. The Tower, the Duomo(Cathedral) & the Baptistery are are all equally spectacular in their construction & decoration, all marble, arches & sculptures. Impossible to take it all in. The Duomo has the most impressive pulpit I have ever seen it really is an outstanding & quite enormous sculpture in itself.

The fun bit of the afternoon was watching all the tourists taking pictures of themselves & posing to make it look as if they were holding up the leaning tower. We also noted a proliferation of so called "selfie" sticks where the smart phones are attached to the end of a telescopic rod in order to get a wider angle photo. I decided that we could manage without one.

Mileage today - 124

Total Mileage to date - 1,270

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