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July 12, 2014

We were blessed with another morning of sunshine. The temp was 60⁰ at 7 AM and reached the upper 80s in the afternoon. Our first stop was Watson Lake and the signpost forest. Oh my, what a sight. The pictures do not do it justice. In October of 2013 the count was over 73,000 signs. After much searching Tom found a place to squeeze our sign into. The people at the information center said they put up more poles this spring but they were filled already. There were many others also looking for a few bare square inches. People were very creative in the signs they attached. Some were from their hometowns, some handmade. It was a sight to behold.

We filled the tank for the long drive to Whitehorse. Gas was a more “reasonable” $139.9/L. BTW, yesterdays, $1.779/L worked out to $6.74/gal. Last time we checked Gas Buddy the price in Fairbanks was $3.69/gal – of course that’s 1000 miles and several days away.

Today is a long driving day. We did see a herd of bison and 3 black bear cubs to break the road monotony. The rest of the drive was pine and aspen forest, forested mountains, rivers and lakes. The road follows the contour of the mountains with lots of hill and curves. Not a lot of traffic. Most traffic is RVs. And thank goodness no construction since it was Saturday.

Arrived in Whitehorse about 6 PM. We are staying tonight at Hi Country RV Park. Electric, water and hot showers – woo-hoo. Went into town for dinner. Stopped at a really nice place called G&P Pizza and Steak. Split a very good pizza. Went to McDs for dessert & Wifi. Pulled into Walmart and got a real shock – we counted 42 RVs/trailers/5th wheelers boondocking in the parking lot. Guess where we’re staying tomorrow night. We will spend tomorrow in Whitehorse and head up the Klondike Highway to Dawson City and Top of the World Highway on Monday.

When we head up the Yukon Hwy we may not have wifi so there probably won't be any updates for several days. We think 3-4 days to go across the Klondike, then Top of the World then on to Chicken, AK. Talk to you later. . .

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