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Civil War era field cannon

These are the combatants


looking toward the rebel lines

I checked out the prices near Nashville and decided to head north instead.

Today I drove past Jackson, TN. There are four exits off of I-40 for Jackson. I even saw signs for Humboldt and Alamo, TN on the I-40. Everyone I talked to says that Jackson has really grown in the past few years. To bad. From what I remember Jackson was a small town. It is a big city now. For those of you that aren't following this. Humboldt is where my mother is from. I had family that lived in Alamo. That area in Tennessee is Crocket County. Reportedly Davy Crockett was born in this area.

Now for the photos. Parker's Crossroads was the site of a major battle in December 1862. General Bedford Forrest was sent to cut the North's supply line in order to stop Grand and Sherman from capturing Vicksburg, TN. While Gen. Forrest was holding off the Northern troops a messenger came up to the General and told him that Yankees were coming up behind him. Gen. Forrest then said "we'll attack them both ways". Enough history. The battlefield is a neat place. It is now the city park of the town of Parker's Crossing.

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