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Off to the canoe and the tower



A butterfly

All blue inside

Now a paddle in a smaller canoe

The lake

A narrow stream

Jungle tunnel

Monkeys peek out of their tree nest

Off to the tower

Over 200 steps

At the top

The observation deck

The view from above




Back down

The gigantic kapok tree

Back to the canoe



Monkeys in the trees

Monkeys crossing the stream


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River in the rain

Tower & Lodge (May 17)

Morning was heralded with a glorious sunrise and we headed out from the Anakonda in the motorized canoe early to reach the tower that extended over the tree canopy. Once docked, it was an easy hike on a boardwalk that had been built above the swamp. Along the way we saw swamp creatures including a large, iridescent blue butterfly. At the end of the boardwalk, we boarded a small canoe and paddled on a narrow stream through a jungle tunnel. A pair of tiny cute faced monkeys popped out of the hole in the tree as we passed them. The narrow stream opened to a lake and we headed to the other side where the trail to the tower began. Donning rubber boots for the wet, muddy trail, we spent another half hour until we saw the gigantic kapok tree with the tower right next to it. There were over 200 steps and the view of the forest canopy was worth the effort. At the top there were orchids and a lizard who was puffing up his throat. Before heading back to the big motorized canoe, we visited a lodge at the end of the lake where we had a welcomed cool drink. But our adventure was not over yet, and we were treated to more monkeys on the return. The Anakonda was heading up river to its usual docking spot since Ken and Beverly were returning to civilization and a family of 5 would join us on Sunday. A great dinner topped off the evening as we looked forward to a “lazy” next day.

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