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Impressive two storey renovation underway.

This walk-out to the west garden was something we always thought would...

The million dollar view is still there... now 1.5 million!

Th only area of the old house that is recognizable!

Pat, Richard and Heather in Pat and Richard's garden

Thursday April 17

We awoke quite late and Richard took the day off so we could spend the day together. However, as his van had broken down yesterday, he went into the garage in the morning to see if he could have it assessed and repaired.

While Richard was out, Heather spoke with Ruth Minter and arranged for us to drive up to see Ruth and John for a cup of coffee. John had recently had cataract surgery and could now see much better. Ruth is still having great problems with a foot and cannot walk very well. She was nevertheless in good spirits. We caught up on their problems with life, though they have lots of friends and neighbours who stop by to help.

After returning to Pat and Richard's we all decided to walk down to see the changes being made to Sunfold. There were a few construction men working on the site and one took us into the house for a look around and a few photos. Although not finished, it is clear to see that the work is a major renovation, making the bungalow into a two storey house. It appears that the only piece of the building that is relatively untouched is the southeast corner where the original entrance is, however, once inside the oor, eveything changes!

After seeing the house we continued our walk to the Carpenters Arms where we had lunch. Ordering lunch was a bit like a Monty Python skit! We all decided on a panini sandwich of some type, but Sian (the landlady) told us they did not have any ciabatta buns. So we began ordering toasties. Three of us wanted turkey and cranberry sandwiches, but she then told us that she did not have any turkey or cranberry for toasties either. Heather asked for brown bread, but they only do white bread as their toaster does not take brown bread! What a laugh! We all found the situation hilarious for a restaurant on the day before a holiday weekend.

We walked back to the cottage and after a cup of tea we all relaxed for a while. We gathered again for a cup of tea later in the afternoon and prepared for dinner. Before Gary and Richard drove to the village to pick up the fish and chips from the store that has opened recently, we all had a small plate of asparagus -- the first of the season from Pat and Richard's garden. They were wonderful with butter and a little pepper!

The fish and chips were very good and we really enjoyed them. Following our dinner, Gary drove us over to the pub at Pen y Bryn. There were not many of the regulars there tonight. Norm (a regular pub fixture) had visitors; John and Jenny (the landlords) were travelling home from holidays in Germany. Sean, Anaeron (tending bar), Jean, Mary and a few other locals were there. Even Mary Kate, who we had met on Tuesday in town, did not turn up as her dog had to he put down yesterday and she was too upset. However, we did have a bit of a quiz which was fun and we stayed for a couple of drinks. As we were leaving, John and Jennie arrived back from their holidays.

Back at the cottage, we had a drink of hot water and headed for bed.

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