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On our way over twisty mountain roads

A rocky landscape

Famous camel sausage producer

No camel sausage for us, but this is the menu at our...

Visual menu

Good food

Listening to a description of what we are about to see

Here lies the archeological dig with more in the hill behind it


Carvings in stone

A detail

A column-lined street

A smaller theater

Up into the Odeon

A large seating

Leaving the Odeon



A careful reconstruction


The public toilets

Inside the current archeological site

Homes of the rich Romans


Down to the library

The library facade

Leaving Ephesus

Good view of the large theater as we exit

Ou hotel

Infinity pool with the Aegean in background

May 17

With the port city of Marmaris behind us, our van drives toward the once Imperial Roman capital of Asia, Ephesus. It's a long drive from the seaport to Ephesus and we stop in Kusadasi for lunch before continuing on to our afternoon hike in the ancient city. We catch a glimpse of the excavation at the base of a hillside and then plunge right into the rubble-strewn ruins with the resurrected columns along the road to the library (one of the most recognized landmarks in all of Turkey). While the Odeon (concert hall) is a gigantic find of the archeologists, it is the lowly public toilets that have been meticulously restored that catch our attention. A bit farther down the long street, we enter a covered restoration project where prominent homes of rich Romans round out our tour before we enter the library facade and then head back to our boutique seaside hotel. It's been a long day and sleep comes quickly.

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