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Day 11: Sunday 7 April

Algebuckina Bridge to Pink Roadhouse caravan park Oodnadatta via the Oodnadatta track

Day 11 of our excursion/ sunny and hot

I woke up and heard the Atkins ready to leave so they can get the washing machine first at the next place as we haven’t had washing machines for ages!

After having breakfast and having another look around we were finally on the road. This trip was only going to be an hour of driving. Today was going to be a very relaxing day. In an hours’ time we got to the Pink Road House Caravan Park at 10 o’clock in the morning. Everything here was pink, I loved the look of everything. The flies weren’t bad at all which was terrific so we had relax full lunch sitting down and not in a hurry. We had a look at the Pink road house shop where everything was pink too. I’ve never seen so much pink in my life. The town is a very little town full of dogs off leashes but overall it is a quite a nice town, though it was a little scary, so when we went for a walk we made sure we all stayed together!

We were going to go for a swim as they’re was a pool in the town but we found out that it was the schools pool which was a shame as it is was very hot. We went to Pink Roadhouse shop to have a cool drink there. That was a very nice way to finish the afternoon. While we were sitting down drinking 2 dogs came in. We had another walk around this town then had happy hour. For dinner we couldn’t be bothered to cook so we had leftovers and two minute noodles. As usual we chatted a lot but this time more than usual as we were going to say goodbye to Ann and Wayne, my aunty and uncle, who have been terrific company tomorrow. We went to sleep very easily as we were extremely tired and wanted to be ready for day 12 of our excursion

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