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Carpe at SKP park in Deming

Landscape along I 10 in eastern Arizona

Welcome to New Mexico

We stopped for lunch at the New Mexico Welcome Center

The wind picked up after noon
This dust cloud was off the Interstate...

Tue, 23 Apr: A road day... We both awoke fairly early and had a relaxing morning. Despite our laid-back pace we still managed to get Carpe underway before nine. Since Lazy Days RV park was "freeway close" we were heading east on I 10 in no time at all.

We made good time and enjoyed the desert vistas. We stopped at a rest stop just west of the New Mexico border and changed drivers. Another few miles to New Mexico and then twenty miles to the New Mexico Welcome Center. We picked up a New Mexico road map and had lunch.

While we were lunching the wind started blowing from the west. We continued east on I 10 so the wind was at our rear. We didn't have any real problems except for the occasional gust that came from a rear quarter. The following wind helped us achieve 9.2 mpg for today's run despite the fact that we climbed more than 2,000' in altitude. Today's distance traveled: 215 miles.

We stopped for the nite at the Escapees Dream Catcher park in Deming, NM. We've stayed here in Deming once before, in 2008. Our lasting memory of that stay was the wind and dust. Well, guess what we have now??? Wind and Dust! In fact, it is blowing so hard we cannot open the starboard slide because the topper is flapping so much we're afraid it'll rip.

We hope the wind abates later this afternoon so we can open the slide and some of the windows. We're boondocking (no electric hookup) so we cannot run the air conditioning. Also, if the wind continues like this in the morning we may head out. In fact, the folks at the office said there was talk of closing I 10 due to the high winds.

We'll see...

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