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There was just one thing I wanted to do in Amarillo and that was see the Cadillac ranch. A field where all the Cadillacs are buried hood up. We drove out to the far edge of town and could see them from the highway. People were pulled over and walking across the field. They were a sight, spray paint cans and garbage everywhere. Most were encircled with heavy mud from the rain. Glad we made the trek but it made me sad to something that iconic so abused.

Today we drove to Santa Rosa, NM. Driving across Texas and New Mexico is pretty much the same windmills, scrub brush, cows, and semis passing. My mind wonders. Dick and I have really different decision making processes. Mine is like a microwave. Set it on high decision made, set it on a lower power think about it decide and live with the results, set it on defrost means thought about it all night now cook it or throw it out. Dick is more charcoal style wait for the coals to get hot or blast it with lighter fluid. I will admit both methods get the job done.

This RV park has a BBQ restaurant and they deliver to your site. OINK!!

Tomorrow we will arrive at Balloon Fest in Albuquerque.

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