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The drive to Dallas was uneventful. The park is generic and a attached to a massive flea market called Trader's World. Dick has high hopes of buying a turkey leg for lunch.

I am cleaning up messes made by people out of my control but who affect my life. Campground reservations where they have not only written your name down wrong on a site waiting list but have shorted the stay by 4 months although you have a confirmation letter with all of the correct information. Scheduling an online payment getting three emails, we received the request, it will taken out of your checking tomorrow as scheduled, payment was taken. But it wasn't and now they want to charge a $25 late fee because it didn't happen. Paperwork for a class action suit you never joined. Canceling the free 90 day HBO three days early and then getting charged for it. This day requires a pint size hot fudge sundae. One to eat and one for the freezer in case of an emergency.

We are parked 10 sites from an airfield where private planes and helicopters land. It noise disturbs the Condor sized crows in the trees here, but I'm not complaining because it's the first park we've been in since Amarillo, 6 months ago, that has real trees, grass and no blowing sand. We will be here a week and hopefully the weather up north will have turned to Spring.

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