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Sorry no pictures - most of the time we just vegged out with the AC

SUNDAY: Ron worked on sewer valve that we supposedly had fixed at NR. It has leaked ever since. When we had full hook-ups we just left it open and the water drained right into the sewer. But as we traveled or when we didn't have hook-ups, and the valve was closed it dripped. We would put a bucket under it but that didn't fix the problem. So this morning, he rinced and dumped the tanks and then loosened all the bolts on the valve. I gave him some of my ice cream bar sticks and he wedged them in between the two sides of the valve. Then he glooped (technical term) some caulk in there and let it set for a bit. After while he tightened the bolts again and we tested it. So far so good. No leaks. With the heat and having to lay under the MH on his back at an awkward angle – it took a lot of rest time in between working to get this done. The rest of the afternoon we vegged in the AC.

MONDAY: Ron drove to Marion to get the valve stems replaces on the new tires and to get them balanced. Of course, not all went as planned. First of all the new valve stems that he bought would not fit. But Glen's (HS friend) mechanics found one to replace the one that really needed replacing. Now all the Pressure Pro sensors fit, don't leak and and sending the pressure to the readout correctly. But as they had the tire off they checked the brakes and bearings. Of course, they needed to be replaced. So the quick, easy fix for the non-reading sensor became an expensive but necessary repair. I feel much better about pulling the toad when I can't see it. It also drives a lot better.

Back at home – while he did that – I did a bit of paperwork and a whole lot of reading. I also took a nap. I counted it as a really good day.

TUESDAY: I was up early and headed for the laundromat while it was still cool. I'll have to do another small load before we leave – but this gets most of it out of the way.

We went out to lunch with Bev and Art at Hy-Vee the grocery store. They had a great salad bar and I was hungry for some green stuff. Art treated us to lunch but gave us the receipt as then we could get 14 cents off on gas which brought it down to $3.15. After that we went back home and turned on both AC. I think it was 103 that day, and we are parked out in the open so it really gets hot in this tin can.

WEDNESDAY: Happy 4th of July. – We decided to stay home and watch the funny people as they came in to watch the fire works. In the evening we watched fireworks that the Jaycees shot off in front of the grandstand. It was pretty but not nearly long enough. I tried to take pictures but the batteries in my camera were dead. By the time I got them changed – it was over.

We were saddened today to learn of the death of a friend from North Ranch. Bill Walcutt died this morning. He is the guy that loaned us his table saw if we would store it for him in our garage. He did come over and use it once just before we left. We met Bill and his wife, Janet, many years ago at one of our first Escapades. They were on the parking crew for many years. He will be missed.

THURSDAY: We went down to get a few groceries and decided to take the wrong size valve stems back to the tire place. As we left we saw the Schwans Man so chased him down for some sugar free fudge bars. We had to take them home quickly as the temps were over 100.

We have been hibernating in MH with both AC's going. It has been brutal with very hot days with no shade. Hope it cools off soon.

FRIDAY: We had a little rain this morning but all it did was raise the humidity. Ron went to breakfast with his HS friend, Bob. They were able to find some pink granite rocks for Sara. We then went to lunch with Wes and Elaine at Chili's. It was so hot that we just went home afterward and sat under the AC.

But toward evening – a cold front went thru. It was heavenly. The temps dropped from the 100's to the 80's. We opened up the windows and let the wind blow thru. We slept very well as we didn't have to have fans on nor listen to the AC cycle.

SATURDAY: I can't believe it – it was cold this morning. I had to take a hot shower to warm up. Boy did it feel good.

We met Bev at Olive Garden for lunch. We got there about 10 minutes early ad put our name in for a table but told them we were waiting for the 3rd person. About 25 minutes later, Bev called. She was already there but had been seated. If we would have told them our name or hers – we could have been eating. DUH!!

Anyway we had a great lunch. Ron had soup and salad, I had the chicken flat bread and Bev had spag. and meatballs. It was all we could do to finish it. We were sorry that Art couldn't join us but he is in the hospital. Thursday morning he had some chest discomfort and Bev took him to the ER. They transferred him to the Heart Center and he is undergoing tests. He might have had a mild heart attack but they don't know yet. He is enjoying himself and has a whole new audience for his stories. :)

We came home and did a little cleaning up the trailer ooze (the stuff that sneaks out when you are parked) and are getting ready to hit the road tomorrow.

Anyway that is the way our lives have been going. Hope you and yours are well and happy. ENJOY!!

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