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Nellie, the co-pilot

Back "home"

Getting the information needed for a "virtual cache" at the McCarron International...




Well, here we are again…back in Las Vegas! This time we’re here to get reimbursement for the expenses we incurred when the calipers went kapoo-ee in California.


Bunk and Brenda met me over at Just Brakes this afternoon after work and we talked to the guy there. He has the information; now we’ll see what happens.


Excessive heat warnings out for the next 4 days so I’ve been getting my cache-a-day in the a.m.


101* at 9 a.m. Gonna’ be another hot day, for sure! Out for buffet dinner with kids.

As you can see, nothing new this visit. We're leaving here the 11th with our first stop in Kingman, AZ. See you there!

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