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The next day we made it to Lancaster, PA. We arrived along with the rain. We had a week to enjoy the Amish countryside. We thoroughly enjoyed the majestic farmlands as we witnessed the harvesting of the crops. We have never viewed the farmers cutting the crops and taking the bounty into their barns. Everywhere we looked we saw the majesty of this farmland. The hillsides had become ribbons of green (winter ground cover), golden sashes (fields of corn, hay, soybeans, unknown grains) with adjacent threads of brown (Mother Earth that had been plowed, harrowed or recently planted). The hillsides looked like they were waiting for the winter snows to blanket them for a long nap.

We took car rides, walks and bike rides during these perfect autumn days. We ate at Shady Maples Smorgasbord one time for breakfast and once for dinner. Guess it’s just hard to go somewhere else when you have so many choices at their food bars and personal grills. We spent a rainy day at the National Civil War Museum in Harrisburg; this museum provided a very comprehensive overview of the major battles and the participants with a great collection of artifacts, colorful and informative displays, soldiers’ stories and videos. We were amazed that we had never read about this 2001 museum . It caused us to ponder the realities of war, hatred, discrimination and greed. How can we be a great country when we still have so much hatred and greed in America?

Greg has played a little golf; but, plans to play more when we are in a location for a longer period of time. I try to walk for an hour three times per week—the best time for me to walk is when Greg is on the golf course. However, we sometimes get the walking in when we are “out and about” or I squeeze it in when Greg is taking the pups for their PM walk.

We are now in MD, parked at Merry Meadows in upper Baltimore County near I83. We hope to have the opportunity to see you and renew our friendships. We are here until November 15 when we pull out and begin our journey south to avoid the cold winds, rains, snows and ice of Maryland.

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