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We hit San Diego in between our LA visits and just before heading off into the dessert.

We Camped at a few different places, Dana Point and then Carlsbad. We were lucky to not have to move around more because our timing coincided with Easter and the Beaches were all packed.

This, much to my pleasure, didn't translate to a packed line up in the surf. Carlsbad offered an uncrowded beachie walking distance from our camp. While the wave was a little fat and sometimes inconsistent I enjoyed my surfs there. However, one morning the water was pretty dirty and I didn't stay out very long - I guess the population factor had an effect after all.

From Carlsbad it was a 30 minute drive to Blacks, a spot regarded as one of the best going around. I surfed this place twice and while not epic it wasn't crowded and the waves were a lot of fun. There are two other stories to Blacks. The first the beach is at the base of a cliff, a very unstable cliff and the track down is tricky and tiring. For those of you who have been there, think three bears five times higher, steeper, slippery and without the stairs. The other story is that one end of the beach is a nudie beach.

We are both comfortable with nudity but got a shock when the first person we saw on the beach was a 50 yr old guy with a hat and jumper on but no pants! There were many more examples: a guy wandering up the beach completely starkers except for a pair of hiking boots etc etc. It was weird!

Apart from the surf we spent a day at Sea World. We were both excited about this but came away a little flat from the experience. While there was certainly some good stuff going on (killer whale and dolphin shows) the crowds were intense and the whole experience was very much a surface level one.

From San Diego it was off to the dessert....

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