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Some interesting people along the way......


1) the woman who directed us on the bus going to the El Rastro (she too was headed there).. We had the impression she wanted to hang out with while we shopped. Fortunately for us, she made a stop at the cheese store.

2) the elderly man on the bus, directing us to the statue of Don Quixote, telling us about his girlfriend. He always wanted to learn English from her but she only spoke English when she was angry at him.

3) the Metro security guard who taught us how to navigate on the Metro.

4) the mayor of the train station making sure we were standing/ waiting in the right line to purchase our tickets to Cordoba and escorting us to the platform.

5) the Russian, who started complaining about the service at the train station but turned out to be interesting/ fun to talk to. He spoke English and Spanish, however, not very well and the spaniards didn't give him the time of day. According to him, the spaniards had unnecessary pride and we had impression he was not very impressed. He clearly was having a different experience than us! I continue to be very happy traveling with Mirta. Or I, too, would have had a different experience!


1) our friend, the local, who gave Mirta a blow by blow accounting of the Corpus Christie Feast, including telling us about how parade begins with horses and then escorted us (via a short cut) back to the Cathedral.


1) of course, Fernado, our neighbor and "personal tour guide....gracias, Fernado!

2) the bus driver (Bus #3) leaving Cordoba back to the train station. Mirta asked the cost and he said "free" if I gave him my sombrero. I think our hats finally caught on. Really, with temperatures almost 100 it's silly not to wear one. With luggage in tow we parked ourselves at the front of the bus, where we could get the best view and history lesson on Cordoba from the driver. Mirta and I were so impressed the people of Cordoba were not only knowledge about the history of their city they were bursting with pride


1) 3 great bartenders who guided us from Horo San Bernado, where we stopped to wet our whistle walking from the bus stop to our pension. They warned us about the gypsies and what to do/ what not to do.

2) the putana at the pension- wanted to charge us for a/c when it was already included in our rate. We just met the owner said her daughter didn't know the price, but I think she was trying to scam us!

3) Concepcion Delgado tour guide, recommended by our buddy, Rick, for a 2 hour Sevilla Cultural Show & Tell. She shares important insights of her home town that the average tour misses. 15€ per person. We break for lunch (on our own) and return to the meeting spot 45 minutes later. We picked the perfect small local place to have the best Tapa yet. Sharing 2 plates, olives, 1 ice tea and 1 water = 7€.

Rick and Concepcion met when Rick took her tour and they remained good friends.

4) Most importantly, Mirta, my personal interpreter. At this point in the trip, she is talking Spanish to the locals and then telling me about the conversation, also in Spanish! I respond si si si!

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