London to Sydney 2005 travel blog

Katherine Gorge

Blue-winged Kookaburra

Termite hills beside the road

A short drive from Darwin, Katherine was our first outback town. We had a short visit to the local museum where we saw exhibits on the Flying Doctor service and distance learning. There were photos of Edwardian ladies in full long dresses. The standard garb these days is shorts for both sexes.

We then went on a boat trip along a series of gorges. The scenery was spectacular and we saw a number of birds. Parrots and cockatoos are beginning to be the norm and hardly worthy of comment. We also saw our first wallabies!

Later we swam in some hot pools. In fact one was not allowed to swim in the first (hottest) stretch and the water was a very pleasant temperature.

Dinner was a buffet in the hotel but not until after we showed the car to some local enthusiasts. By the time they got to us they had consumed a number of beers and wondered if it was my first time out of England as they know that we Poms are stay at home types.

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