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Up close and personal.

Calvin has a new friend.

If you give me one banana today I will gladly pay you...

Your from America? Americans don't trave abroad!

Just hanging out for a good photo.

Welcome to the jungle.

Practicing for my high wire act in the states.

What a view. Sandakan.

Our next stop on the way to diving is to stop by Sandakan and visit the Orang-utang Rehabilitation Center. We arrived in Sandakan in the early afternoon from our mountain adventure. Sandakan was a nice place on the waterfront to be for a day and a half. The next day we hopped a local bus to the Rehabilitation Center which was a 45 minute bus ride from Sandakan. At the center, there are 2 feedings a day once in the morning and once in the afternoon when the orang utang can be observed. We saw three during the morning feeding. I was not feeling well so I caught the midday bus back to our hostel to take a nap. Chad and Drew stayed for the afternoon feeding and while waiting they saw several Orang Utangs hanging out on the path. Two came up to Chad and Drew and grabbed their legs and hung out with them. They had a great time with them. Orang-utang’s are 97% human. I was bummed I felt ill and had to return early because I was under the weather. In the morning, we were off to Semporna to finalize our diving arrangements.

The photos are all Chad's.

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