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This is the most rain we have seen since IL last summer. We are parked on grass so I hope it dries out before we move next Monday.

Tuesday, we went out to the laundromat and washed 3 loads of clothes. You can tell we hadn't washed since we left AZ.

Then we went to the hardware store and picked up caulk, caulking gun, plastic drop cloth, wide masking tape and a roll of shop towels. We came home and spread the drop cloth over the top and back of the RV. We didn't know if the leak was the roof seam, the clearance lights or the back window. All were suspect - so we covered them all. Of course, then the rain stopped.

Wednesday morning we took the plastic off and let everything dry out in the bright sunshine and light wind. Then Ron got up on the roof and filled the seam with roof caulk. He also put silicone around the lights and the window and we sat back to let it dry.

We went over to see Ron's cousins, Wes and Elaine. They are such fun people. We sat and talked and talked until it was time for us to go home. Elaine had told us about a second hand store called Savers. It is a huge store filled will clothes, appliances and BOOKS!! The prices are great. Best part they have several stores in the Phoenix area. We will be sure to check them out when we get back to AZ.

We also picked up some groceries at Wally World. Nothing too much - but TP and OJ and the other essentials.

During the night it started to rain. Ron got up several times to check the back of the RV. So far - so good -- no leaks. As I am typing this it is raining pretty hard with blowing wind and all is well. That hubby of mine knows how to fix a leak - or so it looks like. We still have 1/2 the plastic drop cloth left if it should be needed. Kinda like a belt and suspenders.

We are going over to Bev and Art's house (JL's sister) sometime today. I have to give them a call. Other than that - I'm not sure what we will be doing the rest of the week.

Stay tuned and see if we find something to do. :D

Edited one hour later (9:30 am CDT):

As a river runs thru the RV!! :O

Main 1st leak is still plugged but then the wind came up and started driving the rain on the south side of the RV. It found its way thru a small leak in side window and then it found the outside water heater vent!!! Oh my - as I walked to the sink I stepped in a puddle, we opened the cabinet and it was a flood. Have it stopped with microfiber towels for now. We are waiting for the storm cell to pass and we will be able to caulk.

At least I got the dishes done - but all the things stored in bottom cabinets are in the middle of living room. Plus rain has driven ants into cabinet. YUCK!!

Bet I've got the cleanest cabinets of anyone - washed with rain water yet. :D

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