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Rustic Wagon Campground

West Yellowstone MT


We returned to the park today to see the canyon area. This is like the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. We had a pleasant drive even though there was some road construction along the way.

We first passed through the Bald Eagle protected area. Since we already had a number of pictures with the eagles we kept on driving. Our first turn was to the Northeast to Norris Junction. We soon passed the Monument Geyser Basin. Debi took a few shots of the geyser and she also spotted some bison along the river. Then our next turn was at Norris Junction now heading east. We then went off the main road for just a few miles to see the Virginia Cascade area. It was nice one way road along a river. We snapped a picture of the falls. Then it was on to Canyon Village where we stopped for some lunch before touring the north rim of the canyon. On our way to the first stop was a view of the Lower falls. Here the Yellowstone River drops 308 feet into the canyon below. The next two stops were overlooks to take in a view of the steep canyon walls with the river running below. After our last stop at Inspiration Point it was time to head back to the campground.

When we first arrived in Yellowstone I said there were a number of trees fallen and that the forest was not as tall as I expected. We found out later this was from the fires in the late 80’s. It is amazing how the forest that is blackened and destroyed by fire will come back to life. The fallen trees will make a home for the wildlife as well as add nourishment to the soil.

We arrived back at the campground and it was time to put some chicken on the bbq and a great macaroni salad Debi made this morning.


Hope everyone has a happy 4th of July holiday. We will take in some of the activities in the park and at 10pm the fireworks will fill the skies. We will take our lawn chairs to the front of the RV park to see the show.

I have posted more pictures on the web.

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