2009 Wandering Florida Again travel blog

A replica of a typical two room "Cracker" house


Mill to grind sugar cane

Chicken Coop with some of the brands

Blacksmith shop

School house and Church

We saw these deer on an early morning hike

Hawk perched on the top of a pine tree

Wild Turkeys

We took a tour of the Cracker Village located in the state park. The people who settled here were called Crackers because of the sound of the whip they used when herding cattle. Sam, our tour guide, grew up near here in Dunnellon and had many personal stories about the way life was. The village is run by the school system in this county. During the week school children come here for field trips to learn about the history. There is also a very good museum owned by the school system.

We've also seen more wildlife here - deer, wild turkeys, and more hawks. There are black bears in the area that I hope we don't see!

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