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One caboose of many.

Becca and Ashlynn enjoyed looking ,but didn't want to stay the night.:)

Becca,Ashlynn,and Grammy checking out the caboose

Becca,Ashlynn and Pappy taking a break

Take your pick! :)

Ashlynn enjoys the petting zoo

Ashlynn and Becca enjoying their first train ride

The train coach was beautifully restored

The girls finishing their first train ride,which they said they really enjoyed!...

The girls found their bonnets

Pappy and his girls in the Amish horse barn

The miniature horse liked the flavor of Ashlynn's yellow shorts :)

This young Amish boy going to work

Ashlynn pet every horse at least once :)

Becca is cautious after watching him try to eat Ashlynn's yellow shorts...

Ashlynn is checking out this little Amish boy's haircut

This is one of many nice Amish homes in the area

We took a side trip and found this covered bridge

We met many Amish buggies like this on our trip back to...

Another Amish buggy

We passed several Amish farms

Becca is proud of her Amish made bonnet

The Red Caboose Motel was different from any motel Becca and Ashlynn had ever seen before. They enjoyed looking at the caboose motels,but didn't want to stay overnight in one of them.:)

After the Red Caboose Motel and the petting zoo,we all headed for our old train ride. This was the girls first train ride and grammy and pappy's first steam powered locomotive train ride. The old coach passenger cars from the early 1900's were restored back to original and very interesting with all of their intricate details. The girls enjoyed their first train ride,but thought the 45min. ride was too short.:)

When we left the train station,we decided to check out some Amish shops,and Amish farms on the trip back to the RV. While checking out an Amish shop,we discovered an Amish barn full of miniature horses. That was a real treat for the girls. I think Ashlynn petted every horse twice. There was one miniature horse that seemed to like the flavor of yellow shorts which Ashlynn was wearing.:) The girls found some Amish made bonnets,and Amish homemade Rootbeer that they couldn't live without.:) We all enjoyed the trip through the beautiful Amish country back to our RV.

Grammy and Pappy are ready for a nice rest until our next adventure with the girls.:):)

I've heard through the grapevine the next adventure could be Gettysburg,PA See ya there!!

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