Winter 2009-2010 travel blog

This is the bed with the lantana, creosote bush and some ornamental...

Pansies on the front steps.

It seems that it is contagious. First one neighbor plants something - then another plants 2 things and then the whole neighborhood is outside working.

It has been perfect weather to work outside. Temps between 65 and 75 and very little wind (hope I don't jinx it for today.) Plus the various plant sources have been having sales. I picked up some lantana in Salome the other day and some pansies in Blythe. So now we have 3 planters of pansies on the front steps and lantana in a bed in front of what will be the shade house. I was also able to go out where they are building new lots and rescue some creosote bushes. When watered they make a pretty bush with waxy bright green leaves. I think they will make a great background for flowering plants.

The rest of the time I have been making berms around my plants higher and bigger to hold more water close to them when we water. It will also help when we get our drip system going.

Yesterday, I finished the desert willow berm and worked on the palo verde tree. I also watered in the late afternoon. The water seems to soak away instantaneously. But we can see by the plumpness of the cacti that they are absorbing it. When we first got here they were all pretty flat and wrinkled. Now they are standing up tall and the wrinkles are gone.

Today, I am going to work on the pampas grass around our electrical box. The desert sage I have in front is doing well but the grass needs some TLC. I also have to replace the century plants that I have on the front corners of the lot. Neither one of them made it over the summer. They were pups that I had planted fairly late last spring and didn't get their roots down deep enough, I guess.

Other than that - we have just been doing what everyone does. Laundry, cooking, washing dishes and cleaning house. Ron has been working on some ornaments for the kids for Christmas but, since they read this, I can't talk about them yet. I've been working on the ornament for the granddaughters but ditto on that, too. Basically, we are just enjoying life. I hope you are too. Have a good week - see you on Sunday.

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