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Overview of Scythopolis

Theatre at Scythopolis

Justin at the top of Tel Dan

We dried ourselves off and stopped at the old Hebrew Tel of Beth Shan. In 1st Samuel chapter 31, Saul is wounded severely on Mt. Gilboa and fell on his own sword. The Philistines took his body and hung it on the wall at Beth Shan. In the New Testament there is a Decapolis city named Scythopolis that is built at the base of the Tel of Beth Shan. The city is an amazing testimony to the Greek Hellenistic influence on the world today. Their main focal points of life were the Temples, the Arenas (Amphitheaters), the Theater and the Gymnasium (Schools) where they worshiped the human body and human creations. The climb to the top of Tel Bet Shean has over 200 steps but it was worth it.

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