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Montenegro coastline

Welcome to the hostel

We got dropped off in in Shkoder. We had intended to get another mini bus to Ulcinj which is just across the border and then find another one to Budva, which was where we were aiming for. However in Shkoder we found a taxi that was willing to take us all the way to Budva for half the price they had been asking in Tirana. So we decided this was the way to go.

Just 10 mins out of town we came to the dodgiest border crossing we have ever made. Down a dirt track to a single small building where we went through Albania immigration. Actually our driver just took our passports to the window, they didn't even have a look at us. Then continue further along the dirt road to the Montenegro immigration. Same deal, although here customs did have a look in the boot of the car, saw our bags, and closed the boot. Driver took our passports over to a window and then went off somewhere else. Official came over to the car and handed us our stamped passports.

It was a very pleasant drive to Budva, road was not too good, but the scenery was great. Montenegro is mountains and ocean, very beautiful. Driver dropped us somewhere in Budva. We were not sure where we were, I had an address for some accomodation but hadn't booked anything. I tried ringing, and got a message the country code had changed. Tried the new code and got a message the area code had changed. Vicki went into a shop to ask where we were, the lady in the shop was very helpful. First she rang the accomodation to find out where they were, and then called a taxi for us that arrived within a minute. It was not far to go, the taxi fare was only 2 euro.

Luckily they had a room for us, one of the advantages of travelling out of season. But first they said, sit down and have a cold drink. While “Mama” went to get the drinks, we checked out the room. It was good size room, ensuite, tv, dvd player, fridge and cooker. Vicki loves it when there is cooking facilities in the room. When we got back downstairs Mama had poured us a glass of their home brewed Rakki, given us a fresly brewed coffee and a huge slice of home made cake. I love these family run places!!

After all that, and a good chat with the owner, we walked down to the town beach, which is about 10 mins away. The beach is a typical European stone beach, but the water is very clear. Walked along the beach into town, and then had a quick visit of the old town area.

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