2009 Florida Winter travel blog

Wekiwa Springs

This Great Blue Heron was enjoying the springs

You can see the springs in the middle of the picture

Wild turkey in the park

Wild Turkey

Sand Lake

Air plants on the trees

Looks like the islands around Tybee!


We went canoeing on the Wekiwa River

There were lots of water lilies along the river

Some of hte flowers are blooming

There were a few other canoes on the river


Ferns were growing on this palm tree

Lots of ferns grow along the river bank

View from the canoe

Little Blue Heron

Turtles were enjoying the sun

People were swimming in the springs

We canoed on the river on the other side of the bridge

We spent 3 nights at Wekiwa Springs State Park. The springs there have been a popular tourist destination for over a hundred years. There were people swimming while we were there.

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