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The Marriott in Portland is very nice. They charge $28 a day to valet park my car .. I've never used valet parking before. I resist the urge to say "be careful" when I hand over the keys.

I'm near the university. Next is the business section of downtown and Pioneer Square which has Macy's & Saks, which I visited. Next to that is a section called the Pearl District, which is a bit like Yaletown; old warehouse area now filled with condos & trendy shops ... although they've been more restrained in the condo building than Vancouver, not very many tall buildings so most things are still warehouse height. I bought boots. Next to that is the seedy section of downtown, where I attended a meeting. So the full spectrum of downtown Portland over the course of the day.

Tomorrow (Columbus Day) I'll drive home. Seems like I've been gone a long time. See ya there..

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