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this is the boat we took to get to Taman Negera

lexi enjoying a boat ride

floating restaurant on the river

buffalo's having a swim

shower over the toilet, not shower over bath!

welcome to Taman Negara

The town Kuala Tahan

Taman Negara, what a amazing place to be.

Taman Negara is a mass of primary jungle over 130 million years old and sprawling across 4400 sq Km. It took us 3.5hours on a bus and 3hours on the boat to get there from KL, it's well worth the travel. We loved the boat ride to Kuala Tahan (small village at the entrance of Taman Negara National Park). We were on a old wooden longtail boat, and the scenery was so calming, rainforest so lush, calm water, water buffaloes cooling off, local kids having a swim... it was just unreal.

Kuala Tahan was such a small village along the river with a few floating restaurants on the water. We stayed at only one Motel in the village, pretty basic room with no air-con, TV, phone, firdge or anything. We were lucky to have a fan, and a shower over the toilet!! Anyway this town's got nothing to do apart from Jungle. They don't drink so they don't sell alcohol at all. People here just sit down whole day and chat. So we did the same, sat down out side the motel and did nothing for hours. We actually enjoyed doing it, for how long haven't I had literaily "nothing to do" in my life. Doing nothing is such a relaxing thing!!

One thing we were scared of being there was the quality of food, but we had delicious dinner down at the floating restaurant. rice, veggies, chicken curry and watermelon. After dinner we met our jungle tour guide, Apah, and went across the river to start our Night Jungle walk. This jungle has tigers, elephants,monkeys, snakes, tarantulas, scorpions.. all sorts of dangerous animals, to tell you the truth I was bit scared, but it was fantastic, Apah was full of knowledge and he pointed out so many creatures in night jungle. We saw huge schools of termites, Malaysian Tarantula, glow mushrooms, scorpion, huge millipedes etc. We also watched from a hide over the saltlicks for animals but we didn't see any that night due to the full moon being too bright for them to come out. A hide is a little observation hut set on stilts and overlooking a cleared area with water for animals. Being in the middle of jungle at night was very exciting and thrilling.

I asked Apah, " what do we do if we see a tiger?" He said " Either we all die, or the tiger dies." He also said not to lose eye contact with the tiger. OK...

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