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The gilded chariot atop the Minnesota capitol

The capitol at St. Paul, Minnesota

Steve & Shirley on the capitol steps


Greetings Fellow Travelers!

We continue to be amazed at our Abba's leading and how seemingly frustrated hours spent doing what appears to be time wasting activity turns out to be blessings in disguise.

It was raining as we left Mike and Annette's place in Scranton, Iowa. It's was hard to leave, we had such wonderful fellowship with them and their mishpochah! Mike helped fix some electrical issues with the motorhome and told us to stop at the auto parts store in Jefferson for a part that would complete his repair work so thinking that would only be a brief delay in the day we prepared to do that. Only the motorhome wouldn't start. Mike quickly replaced the battery with one of his and now there were two items to pick up at the parts store. Another new battery! Got into town and Gary, the parts store clerk, turns out to be a fellow that we had met at Shabbat evening service the day before. What a pleasant surprise! It's still raining, a soaking kind of rain and soaking is what it did to Steve (I was holding the umbrella but...) as he struggled to put in a new voltage regulator and battery and this electrical part. Only they didn't have the electrical part and told us to go to the RV parts store (which didn't have it either, we still need to find one), so Steve tried to leave that part off, but the RV wouldn't start without it so almost 3 hours later we're finally together enough to get on down the road. The rain eventually stopped as we got closer to the Minnesota border.

The drive into St. Paul was uneventful even if it was during the evening rush hour traffic, (most were going in the opposite direction). We set things up for the proclamation and almost immediately two security personell were on the scene. One came out the front doors and the other came up the steps from the other direction. The first one's interest was in us and the second one's was in the balance scales. When they realized we were harmless they walked away and we did the proclamation, but this was the first time we've drawn that kind of attention.

We're on toward Madison, Wisconsin, but are spending the night, east of Eau Claire, with friends, Aaron and Heather and their two adorable(soon to be three) children.

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