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The weather forecast is ominous - four inches of rain are predicted. It made sense to make a move away from the Maine coast today and head inland. This will also make the drive to next week's destination Lake George, an easier one. We're hunkered down almost all alone at a lovely campground in the lake region of New Hampshire and will wait for the weather to go by. We can see the White Mountains just north of us and look forward to returning and paying them a closer look. The fall colors are starting to make an an appearance, but it will clearly be much more dramatic in a week or two when more of the green has turned to yellow, orange and red. We drove around a bit and the roads were empty. Summer is clearly over, but fall foliage time isn't here yet. It's rather pleasant to be alone. Reports of bumper to bumper traffic and storms of people descending here not all that appealing.

A plethora of campaign signs line the roads - a reminder of the important role this state has in our political process. Perhaps because these folks get the chance to be up close and personal with whomever ultimately becomes our president, the democratic process is more real and ever present here.

You might think we have had enough of lobster, but we bought some mussels and lobster before we left and boiled them up for dinner tonight. Our shellfish cooking skills have improved, but it is a challenge to fit all the steaming pots on the small three burner stove. Since the coast is only about sixty miles away as the crow flies, fresh shellfish is still available and affordable around here. Let the feasting continue!

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