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Do I hear an "AMEN"?

Mt Rainer...from US 5

Oregon coast...living on the edge!

I never knew a sign like this existed!

Pacific sunset....from Beverly campground




....enjoying the beach

Taking a break...

Growing in the sand




Exercise, exercise!



A rugged coast

MO"S world famous

Tues 7/15. A long drive ahead if us today. We are heading for Crater Lake via the the Oregon coast. After leaving Anacortes, we drove south on US 5 to Portland. The drive was pretty non-descript, with the exception of Mt Rainer and the Seattle sky dome. The exception was the 7th Day Adventis crusade bus,! and the character driving it was even better.!

We picked up 101(the coast highway) at Lincoln City and drove about ½ way down the coast, to Newport, where we stopped for the night, at Beverly Campground, a state park right on the ocean. It was cooold. There will be no swimming here!.

Wed 7/16. Leaving the campground about 9 a.m., we continued south on 101, checking out the "Tsunami area" warning signs along the road. We found a nice area of beach near the road , where we stopped to explore. Steven and Deanna finally got to "wade" in the ocean, along with Luke. I don't think Oregon is noted for its' warm beaches, although we did see some people surfing with wet suits on. Driving further south we stopped in Florence for lunch. We were lured by a couple of roadside signs touting "MO'S world famous clam chowder. Roe can't eat shell fish and Deanna wasn't impressed, but Steven and I definitely thought it was worth the stop. And…it was a charming little town right on an inlet from the ocean. We continued on, turning east off the ocean highway toward Crater Lake where we will stop for the night.

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