Roy & Robyn's Europe Trip 2008 travel blog

Rob at Trevi Fountain

Roy at Trevi Fountain

St Peters

View from St Peters

Light streaming into the cathedral

Inside St Peters

The Coliseum

This morning we left for a trip into the city to see the fountain of Trevi, the Pantheon and various venues around Rome and finally a visit to St Peter's where we decided to go in and have a look at an absolutely huge cathedral that probably took an hour to wander through. Most of the tour was a walking tour which was fine from our perspective as we did get to see and feel what the city was like. It is amazing that almost everywhere you go there is a statue, a column or a fountain with amazing sculptures.

After the visit to St Peter's we walked back in to Rome central and had a lovely meal in a little cafe we found down a little street. Then it was a walk over to the Coliseum and the roman ruins surrounding it where we spent the afternoon. We really enjoyed that much more than all the visits to various churches, basilicas and the like.

Then, to blow out the cobwebs we walked the 5km back to our hotel, to get an early night for an early start the next morning

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