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Becky and I woke up early and quickly packed our things. We got some of the free breakfast and then called for a cab to drive us to Cancun. We left for Cancun at 8:45, where I had to pick up the rest of my luggage that a friend had left for me in the production office at the Sheraton. My flight departed at 12:20, so I need to be at the airport at 10:20. This gave me roughly an hour to get to Cancun, find my bags, repack everything and make it to the airport. We were a bit pressed for time, but I thought we could manage it.

The taxi dropped us off at the Sheraton and Becky and I were heading towards the production office when we saw that the doors were closed and locked. A man from the front desk saw us, two dirty young people with backpacks (clearly not Sheraton material), and asked if he could help us. I told him I was with the production and that I need to get some things out of the office. He said that the production had moved to the city of Playa del Carmen and that the entire production office had been cleared out the day before! He said there was nothing left in the room. (Insert mild heart attack here) Becky and I rushed over to the concierge desk and asked if my bags had been left there for me. I think the guy could see the panic in my eyes, and invited me into the back to see that they weren't there.

We went and sat in the lobby to figure out what to do. I was about to start making a flurry of frustrated phone calls, fearing that by bags were in some hotel in Playa del Carmen (an hour away), but then I figured I should double check the guys information about my bags not being in the office. I wanted to see it for myself. The man called somebody to come down and open the office for me so that I could see that there was nothing in there. The door was opened to reveal the seats from several mini-vans a few cases of equipment, a couple of empty tables......and my bags! (Thanks Timmy!)

I grabbed them and Becky and I repacked our things into the suitcases out in the hall. Then we ran up and hopped in a taxi for the airport. Now what was really unfortunate is that I had asked our travel coordinator to get me on the same flight as Becky. He never called me or returned my emails, and at 7pm the night before my flight, while standing on a deserted dirt road in the jungle, I reached him on a pay phone to find out my flight info at the last possible second. He had booked me on a flight at 12:20 and Becky's flight was not until 4:45! He said "Sorry dude, that's what was available." We went back and checked...there were still seats available on Becky's flight.

What all of this means is that poor Becky had to sit at the airport for six hours before her plane left. Also I arrived in L.A. 2 hours before her (I had a layover). Becky just wanted to go with me to the airport for simplicity's sake, instead of sitting on the beach with all of her luggage, and having to pay for a separate taxi. It also gave me piece of mind knowing that she was at the airport and just had to get onto her plane. So Becky had to wait outside on the curb and at a restaurant/bar in the airport for 4 hours before she could even check in and go through security. After I landed in L.A. I polished off a few margaritas while chatting up the Mexican bartender about his homeland until Becky got there and we shared a taxi back to my house.

It was a long and crazy day of traveling. We were just happy to be home and have it behind us. ZZzzzzzz.....

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