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Deer and Sequoia

Tree dwarfing cabin

Pine cone measuring up to my daypack

I walked up these two waterfalls in the middle there, 1000 feet...

People are no longer allowed to stand on the overhang (over 3000...

View from Glacier Point up the valley towars Mirror Lake, Half Dome...

Glacier Point Panorama

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Squirrel, as exciting as my wildlife footage gets!

Not a good night's sleep, I'm not really a fan of camping, even in beautiful forests, I just couldn't afford proper accomodation. Various explosive sounds in the night turned out to be huge pine cones plummetting on to the RVs and bear proof lockers.

So first I drove off to see some giant sequoias, the other of the two kinds of giant redwoods here in California. These are wide, rather than tall like the coastal redwoods I saw a few days go. Those are the tallest trees in the world, sequoias are the most massive, indeed the most massive organisms on the planet according to their PR people. So several miles of walking up and down mountains checking them out, glorious and largely undisturbed by other people. Then I drove up to Glacier Point which had even more unbelievable views than before! And lastly, a climb up to Inspiration Point for yet more mind-blowing views. How can I cope!

Camping next to me are a party of dudes, who like to party a little. About midnight they were busted by the Park Rangers for smoking dope, an on the spot $270 fine. The whole site could hear it all, and personally I found it very amusing and karma for keeping the rest of us awake. Yes way, dude!

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