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A covered bridge on a rural Quebec backroad

Sanctuaire Notre-Dam-du-Camp

Sanctuaire Notre-Dam-du-Camp

Chaple - Sanctuaire Notre-Dam-du-Camp

This is the rural road we traveled alongside the St. Lawrence River

Another rest break in the shade

The road wound it's way through countless villages and rural towns.

A freighter plying the St. Lawrence River near Trois Rivieres Quebec

Today we had a leisurely ride of 200 km ahead of us to Quebec City. We decided to seek out an internet cafe before leaving Joliette to try and research our options for hotels in Quebec city.

There were two internet cafe's listed in the phone book. The first one had a carpet cleaning truck outside with a lot of noise comming from inside so we assume it was not open. The second one had a note in french on the door we deciphered to say it was closed while the owners took a vacation.

By the time we left Joliette it was already very hot with the temperature rising. The humidity was so high you could see the moisture in the air. We ended up stopping about every 45 minutes or so to find some shade.

The road we were on was a joy to ride. A narrow paved route winding through the Quebec countryside and countless small towns and villages. The road ran alongside the St. Lawrence (St. Laurent) river where the freighters make their way from the Atlantic to Montreal and on to the great lakes.

We took to the freeway about 20 km outside of Quebec city hoping to encounter a tourist info centre to research hotels since we could not get on the internet this morning. It was nearing rush hour and crazy with several freeways crossing each other and very heavy traffic. Yikes, what a shock after spending the last couple of days in the countryside.

I had hoped to find a place to stay with-in walking distance of the walled "Old Quebec City" however the hotels I called downtown were very expensive. There were likely a couple of hundred of bed & breakfast offerings listed near downtown but with only a name, address and phone number for information there was no telling what you might be booking.

We ended up staying nearer the highway. For any future visit to Quebec City I would definately do my research on accomdations first.

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