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Went with Chapter 14 to the China Date Ranch for Date Shakes.

Loved this view of date palms against the chalk hill. We had...

Most of the plams were upright or bushes like previous picture -...

Had to include a shot of one of the parking crew from...

Well, the map portion of this is not cooperating. We didn't jump over the mountains to Stockton. We traveled a bit south and stayed in Tecopa Springs, Mojave, and Kingsburg (all in CA) before getting to Stockton. If you bring up the California/Nevada map - I have marked where the towns are.

We stopped in Tecopa Springs - just south of Death Valley for the Chapter 14 Rally. Really nice folks and a lot of good cooks. The neat thing about this area are the hot mineral springs. The campground has two bath houses for male and female as the rules are "no clothes" bathing. About half the time I was the only one in there so it wasn't so bad. The water is about 109F and really feels good. There is a cooler pool that I could sit in a little longer.

After 4 days in Tecopa Springs we headed for Stockton. We stopped in Mojave, CA the first night and were really bushed. The winds really came up the last hour or so and it was hard driving.

Second night was in Kingsburg, which is a Swedish community. We needed to find the post office to get some stamps so decided to go into town to eat. Found a Swedish cafe and I had a very nice sandwich with turkey, cream cheese and lingoberry jam. Ron had a variety plate with several meats and sides. That campground was so tight we didn't think we would get out. Lots of big trees and the lots so close together my slide touched the coach next to us.

But here we are at Escapade. Bob and CarolAnn are very easy to work with. Bob has figured out something to attach to the igloos to hold the paper cups. We will be putting water stations out in four places in the fairgrounds and selling ice cream on Sun, Mon, and Wed. nights. Not too bad of duty. We also monitor the dining room and keep it neat as people will be going in and out at all hours of the day.

The Escapade was great!! Saw lots of old friends and made new ones. We sold $1,495 (at $1/bar) of ice cream in 4 days. Had some great volunteers helping.

We are now going to hit I-80 and head east!! Not sure how I am going to track our progress as we will be mostly just traveling and I don't want to make a zillion little entries.

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