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Cable car tracks in Wellington

One of the many tunnels

Wellington harbor

Inside cable car

Old cable car

On Tuesday, we were driven back to Queenstown airport, where we flew to Wellington (the national capital), on the south tip of the North Island. This was a real "white-knuckle" flight, as we began our landing in Wellington in rain and winds gusting to 100 MPH (yes, 100 MPH = about 160 KPH). The pilot came right down and skimmed the waves on his approach to the airport, and there was much buffeting by the wind and frequent bursts of the jet engines to counteract the wind. We then rented a Toyota Corolla, and were glad for that driving-on-the-left-side-of-the-road experience in the Cook Islands. The Victoria Court Motor Lodge was great, with free car parking in their lot, and lots of restaurants, shopping, and sight-seeing within walking distance. We walked around on Wednesday and took the cable car up to a vantage point high on a hill for lunch.

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