Laurene's European Adventure 2006/2007 travel blog

This is campground B

My pewny little tent!

Leona and Lorraine's tent

Leona and me before the rain really started

Our free pretty

Us hiding in a tent to get a break from the rain

Leona, the hunchback of Dublin haha

Leona putting garbage bags over her socks to keep her feet dry

DJ at the Bacardi tent

The main stage at Oxegen

These guys were obsessed with their butts...

Hangin after The Strokes

This girl really wanted me to take her picture

This was my bed for the night...not comfy!

Movie Clips - Playback Requirements - Problems?

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Sandi Thom

(MP4 - 8.46 MB)

Arctic Monkeys

(MP4 - 5.08 MB)

Bacardi tent

(MP4 - 5.36 MB)

Ole with the strokes

(MP4 - 5.04 MB)

For you Sandra!

(MP4 - 2.58 MB)

Last Nite - The strokes

(MP4 - 8.93 MB)

Someday - The strokes

(MP4 - 6.65 MB)

Weird girl in the crowd

(MP4 - 8.49 MB)

The Who 1

(MP4 - 4.46 MB)

The Who 2

(MP4 - 6.41 MB)

The Who 3

Leona, her sister Lorraine and I set off for the Oxegen weekend music festival for the weekend. We didn't bring much since we didn't have camping tickets but we were hoping to upgrade to camping tickets once getting there. We did however bring some really cheap tents we bought the night before. Dublin bus was running city buses out to the concert every 20 minutes from city center so we managed to get on a bus right away. Leona and Lorraine already had their tickets so I had to find the ticketmaster booth to get my ticket.

Before we got our wristbands we were able to upgrade to weekend camping tickets for a bit of extra money. Once our wristbands were on we set off into the campsite to pitch our tents. There must have been hundreds of thousands of tents in this huge open field. It was insane. We found a small spot unfortunetly next to the toilets and set up our tents.

Headed into the concert area just as it began to rain. Lucky for us we scored some free rain ponchos on the way in. We were able to cath Sandi Thom on the main stage when we first arrived. She is from Scotland and has a huge hit over here called "I wish I was a punk rocker.." I'm not sure if it's around back home or not. She put on a really good show.

The rain really started coming down then so we headed into The green room tent for some shelter. Wandered around some more checking everything out. They had rides set up like a ferris wheel and a roller coaster. The ground at this point was basically just mud. Hard to walk in. Saw lots of people fall on their butts haha. By the way, rubber boots here are called wellies. Dont ask me why...I think it's a brand name. Anyways, I wish I had some!

We headed into the Bacardi tent to listen to some cool DJ with a bongo player and warm up. The rain still wasn't letting up and neither was the wind. A girl came around and asked if she could take our picture for the bacardi website. If you want to try and find our pictures go to Made our way back to the main stage to check out a band called Hard Fi. They are really good, I liked them.

We stayed around the main stage the rest of the night to catch the Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes, The Who and James Brown.

Arctic Monkeys are Amazing. I love them. The Strokes were brilliant. I am so glad that I got to see them. Really really good! At one point the crowd was chanting the Ole song and the guitarist and drummer started playing it. The lead singer said we were good. I got it all on video.

The Who were great! For the age of these guys they sure can rock. Pete Townsend is amazing on that guitar! I was impressed. They played an encore too. Also caught the Editors, a really good band as well. During one of the videos I was taking this drunk girl kept jumping infront of the camera and saying hi.

She really wanted me to take her picture so I finally just did and she left me alone haha.

James Brown came onto the stage at half 12. Well first his band and a little old guy walked on stage. The guy had like a 15 minute introduction for James Brown. Insane. He didn't really sing much. His back up ladies did the singing and dancing and he just threw in a "whoo" or a "Yeah" every now and then and shuffled around haha.

We left his show early and headed back to the tents. Seeing as it had been raining all day and most of the evening, my tent was wet inside and I hadn't brought a blanket with me or a pillow or anything. So I laid my poncho down, covered myself in garbage bags hahaha and slept with my head on my bag in the freezing cold. Talk about roughing it!

I don't think that I actually slept at all. Woke up to more rain and to the sound of them vaccuming out the toilets. So I hopped up to get one while it was clean..ya wrong! They were disgusting!! That was day 1 of my first ever weekend concert.

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